Bonne Année et Bonne Santé 2019

Welcome to the New Year here in Nérac, South West FranceWe're having just a slight breather before we embark on a very busy year ahead.    Studio Faire is just about booked up for the year already and we're not quite finished January! Our first guests arrive at...

2018 : Summer Update

What a summer it's been, already! There's few more months of sun and laughter to come. Studio Faire has flourished massively in this, our first year open to artists, writers and musicians. The residencies have been going really well with a range of creatives from...

Our Photography School Is Now Launched in Nérac

We've launched the Studio Faire Photography School, here in Nérac. I'm running courses on getting to know your camera and having the guts to go fully manual. The photography courses will be tailored to the individual or group dependant on skill levels and...

I’m now teaching, portraiture & technique

I'm starting to teach, here at Studio Faire in Nérac. My course is called "Mastering Portraiture with Colin Usher, An inspiring photographic day class at Studio Faire in Nérac". I love teaching and to be honest, showing off a little. In my studio here in...

Flying cameras in Nérac

I recently acquired a camera drone. Not just any camera drone, I have the DJI SPARK! Having longed to purchase a product from DJI over the years, I couldn't justify the cost back in Scotland as I really had no need for one on a professional level. Now in...

Showing (off) in Agen

Stills, on a wall, in a gallery.... in FRANCE! So happy to announce that I have my first ever exhibition hanging in France. My show: CHUTES! is available to see at La Manufacture Général in the city of Agen, not far from where we live in Nérac. CHUTES! is a series of...

Settling in to life in Nérac

We've been 'townies' for 6 weeks now! I must admit, living in the town is a welcome change to rural life. Back in Scotland, we lived in a small hamlet near Haddington and although we loved it for the 8 years we were there, I am really enjoying the close proximity to...

This is Steve, Steve the Gardener in France

Two weeks into our new life here in South West France, there was a Fête des fraises in our village of Francescas. We plucked up the courage and dived in head first, grabbing a beer at the pop-up bar and mingling with the rest of the villagers. Our French really wasn't...

New pals in South West France

This summer, Elloise Bennett got in touch regarding shooting her chambres d’hôtes in Nérac for publicity purposes.

Now Available En France!

We have lived in the Lot-et-Garonne in South West France for over a month now.


Rachel McCrum, the poet. A study.

I spent a great few hours in my wee studio in Barrel Cottage photographing Rachel McCrum, the poet.

Rachel won our Studio Faire competition for a FREE photo shoot. We’re pretty glad she won.

A return to form…

I recently had the privilege of spending a few hours shooting students at Performing Arts Studio Scotland (PASS) at Edinburgh College.

My first fashion shoot in 20 years!

In July 2015, I decided to get back into my original passion… photography, I started experimenting with flash kits, locations, portraiture and corporate mug shots.

Braw Beard Oils Promo

I shot a promo with Braw Beard Oils in Glasgow’s Griphouse Gym. Griphouse is the home of WolverDean Reilly and is Scotland’s premiere mixed martial arts and combat sports training facility. Spent the afternoon in Griphouse Gym with John Jackson of Braw Beard Oils...

Promo Video for The Proclaimers

Very happy to have been commissioned to shoot the latest promo video for The Proclaimers new track ‘You Built Me Up’ from their 10th studio album by Cooking Vinyl records. The new album, ‘Let’s Hear It For The Dogs’, was released in the UK on Monday 27th April 2015....

Blueflint : This is a Story

A rather splendid Sunday morning in March was spent with Edinburgh's Blueflint in a wee bar off Leith Walk called The Strathmore on Iona Street. The idea was to shoot something quick but strong to promote the release of the new album.

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