In July 2015, I decided to get back into my original passion… photography, I started experimenting with flash kits, locations, portraiture and corporate mug shots.

I had a coffee with my pal Vixy Pixie Rae to catch up and hear her news of becoming the new proprietor at Edinburgh’s Stewart Christie & Co. along with Dan Fearn.

Immediately, talk of a shoot, event, happening began.

Within 3 days, there was a fantastic location, 9 models confirmed, hair & make-up arranged, video production team in place and even local pizza sponsor sorted!

The concept by Vixy Pixie Rae:

“There are times when we need to look back to recognise how far we have progressed, and how so many of the values of the past are now more relevant than ever, today.  To recognise the talents of Edinburgh’s style cognoscente and celebrate Scotland’s oldest bespoke tailors; Stewart, Christie and Co Ltd  have joined forces with: Model Team, Scotstreetstyle, Visit Scotland, Location Scotland, Boom Barbers, Molly SheridanMUA, Tara Nowy, the Biscuit Factory and HeeHaw to bring together the finer elements of what style and heritage mean in Scotland. The live exhibition will be filmed and documented by HeeHaw and shot by Colin Usher, recorded journalistically by Gavin MacQueen. To recognise the talents of the tailoring of the past; Stewart, Christie and Co are presenting a selection of regimental and formal dress garments some dating back to the 1860’s.”

On the 22nd of September, we all embarked on an awe inspiring day of shooting at the Biscuit Factory and the results are stunning.

Personally, when contemplating a re-entry into the photography arena, I did not expect that within a few months I’d be directing a fashion shoot with 9 professional models, hair & make-up, stylists and working on such a high profile project.

Let this be the beginning of a very busy time and a great new folio to be proud of.

Thanks for the opportunity Vix x


Here is the full version of 'The Master of Ceremony' video that just premiered on STV. Filmed & produced by Heehaw for Stewart Christie & Co. Ltd, showcasing their archives and celebrating tailoring in Scotland.Featuring Scot Street Style, Biscuit Factory, LS Productions, VisitScotland, Boombarbers, Model Team, Scottish Fashion Creative Network, Colin Usher Photographer , Gavin Macqueen Photography, Tom Cairns PhotographyCiverinos Italian Street Food & Pizza, The Social TailorThanks to everybody involved!

Posted by Heehaw on Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015

The credits from the shoot are as follows:

Location: Biscuit Factory 

The Shoot: The Masters of Ceremony  

Producers: Vixy Rae & Tara Nowy

Photography: Colin Usher-The ShootGavin MacQueen-Documentry

Video: Heehaw 

Styling: Vixy Rae & Dan Fearn

Garments: The Stewart Christie Archives

MUA: Molly Sheridan & Assistance 

Hair: Boom Barbers

Pizza & Refreshment Delivery:  Civerinos

Thanks to our Models: Tristan Harper, Rachel Flett, Gordon Millar, Tom Macfarlane, Freddie Rayner, Tara Nowy, Cameron Mason, Tommy Cairns, George Carlos.


All detail & imagery is copyright © Colin Usher.
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