What a summer it’s been, already!
There’s few more months of sun and laughter to come.

Studio Faire has flourished massively in this, our first year open to artists, writers and musicians.

The residencies have been going really well with a range of creatives from writers to dancers, composers to printmakers. The studio Faire blog will talk more about them so go visit when you get a chance.


I’ve been very busy working with estate agents taking stills and flying the drone to create promotional clips as well as undertaking a series of commissions around the area as a stills photographer.

In may, I was asked to go shoot a 40th birthday celebration with some visitors from Singapore. The day was most enjoyable in the stunning setting of Château de St Loup sur Thouet, North of Bordeaux. One of the guests presented me with his DJI Mavic Pro drone and explained that he was a novice and would I mind taking some footage of the place for him. I agreed of course and below is a clip of the footage I shot that day.


This past few weeks has seen me hold a series of photographic courses here at the studios in Nérac with some great results. I teach how to get the most from your camera… handing over a few handy hints and tips relating to composition, mood, technical knowhow and processing. I look forward to building this side of the business here in South West France.

The renovations and updating of the place continue as always. It’s a constant process but one that both myself and Julia are very happy to undertake. This building is steeped in history and we’re discovering more and more as we go. And loving it immensely.

This summer has seen us very rooted to Nérac and the surrounding region as we’ve had so much to do with the house and guests. We plan to travel a bit farther afield after the summer to discover the coastline and northern Spain. The dogs need some serious beach time (and so do I). I’ll post more about our travels and how near we are to some pretty amazing locations.



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