We’ve been ‘townies’ for 6 weeks now!

I must admit, living in the town is a welcome change to rural life. Back in Scotland, we lived in a small hamlet near Haddington and although we loved it for the 8 years we were there, I am really enjoying the close proximity to the local parks, the entertainment and the facilities on offer in this idillic town of Nérac.

Since moving in to No 58,  there has been a week long festival, Fetes de Nérac, which included fun fairs, markets and a whole load of festivities… an eco-fair in the local park, Garenne Partie with acrobatics and street theatre like a mini Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then last week an Italian market was in town.

Its hard to know what to attend as there is so much going on!

Now that we have had the boilers replaced, and are about to have all the electrics upgraded, we have been able to start stripping the rooms back and looking at decoration in earnest. The first room to be completely stripped is lovingly named the Usher Hall and is acting as my temporary portrait studio.

I have a series of sessions for my upcoming exhibition, CHUTES! in Agen in July so shooting begins this week with 10 local subjects. I’ll do a full post on this once the show is live.

So, Studio Faire edges closer and closer to becoming a reality and in the meantime, we’re getting to know the town, many of our neighbours and are continuing to love the whole experience of living here and integrating with the locals in South West France.


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