… we hope!

Happy New Year to you and best of fortune and health for the coming year.

Although it was a very strange 2020, myself & Julia had a rather busy and enjoyable year here in South West France, enjoying this lovely home that we are lucky enough to live in and the town of Nérac always delivers the best of the slower and more simple lifestyle that we craved when leaving Edinburgh in 2016.

Spending time on the gardens and the house has been both cathartic and soothing in these extremely slow times. And the dogs, they make us walk and smile every day. 

“The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man’s.” – Mark Twain

This year has started in a very productive manner. Julia is working with 3 web clients and I too have stepped back into the world of web design and have taken on 2 clients back in Scotland, an artist and a heritage organisation. (will show-off the sites when they are ready)

I am enjoying the process immensely especially with the clients being the type that know what they actually want… very refreshing indeed. Zoom is now my video tech of choice.

Beyond the desk work, I plan to spend a fair amount of time enhancing the experience here at Studio Faire through developing the studios and gardens in preparation for us being able to receive writers, artists and musicians again at some point over the next few months. 

I hope this year is kinder to us all and that we can emerge healthy and excited about life and where we’re all going to hang out … together, in a pub, a restaurant, a cafe, a theatre, a gig or even just being allowed out after 8pm!

A good friend was recently heard saying to her son on a walk ‘if you can stay chipper, you’ll get a treat‘.

Bon courage !