I recently acquired a camera drone. Not just any camera drone, I have the DJI SPARK!

Having longed to purchase a product from DJI over the years, I couldn’t justify the cost back in Scotland as I really had no need for one on a professional level.

Now in France and promoting the region for our visiting artists as well as freelancing again, I can justify it and to get myself started, the wee, cute and very very impressive DJI SPARK has been here for a few weeks and I am besotted! 

I’ve only flown it a handful of times so far as we’ve been busy with guests and renovations but I am about to start venturing out and capturing the area from above.

I’ll use my Vimeo channel to post more films of the region and our activities. Colin’s Vimeo Channel

Here is a clip I shot introducing our pals, The Pollards at Studio Faire … just a wee bit of fun to get the (gim)ball rolling.



DJI Spark Drone

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