As a cold and slow January ends, I feel it is time for some change…
After working in web design & the digital space for over 28 years, I have decided to focus fully on Studio Faire here in South West France from April 2023. Sitting at a desk in front of an iMac has had its day for me.
I’m currently in the final stages of building a website based in the Highlands of Scotland which I have enjoyed working on immensely and will launch in a few months time. Very proud of the work on this last big one and have enjoyed working with the small but fantastic team.
I suppose what I’m really trying to talk about here is the concept of doing something well, sticking to it and ensuring that it fulfils.

Over this 28 years or so working in digital as a freelancer, I have to admit that I have taken on projects that I’m not particularly happy about. I’ve met many lovely clients as well as a large handful of complete chancers and even a few fraudsters along the way.

In this house we have an expression relating to certain projects… We call them NFPs (Not For Portfolio) … you know, the ones that pay the bills but don’t fill you with joy!

Since relocating to France in 2016, I have practiced living a more serene life, attempting to avoid as much of the old stresses as possible and look at cutting ties with bad energies and ego driven toxic individuals.
A simpler and more humble approach to business and income generation has prevailed through setting up our creative retreat and learning from our residents as they pass through. Watching individuals set their pace and settle down to a focussed period of reflection and production has been enlightening for us here at Studio Faire.
Have stepped away from the 9 to 5 and the expectation of being at the desk for a set period of time as it all seems so alien to me these days.
Learning that flow is a real concept, a way of working when one is actually ready to do so, has brought the Cortisol levels down and instilled an approach that suits this 53 year old much more…
I look forward to spending more time on the lawnmower, renovating the huge barn (that currently stands staring at me) into studios, boutique cinema and even a small music venue as well as developing the grounds to further accommodate outdoor events over the warmer months.
And, more time assisting our creative residents with their outcomes through exposure to local experiences, peoples and tastes…
So, this reluctant entrepreneur who found himself in the middle of the DotCom boom of the mid 90s (while in his mid 20s) has finally found his place… aged 53 and ½ … and it is busier, yet serene.
Thanks for listening xxx