‘Building castles in the air’ : It’s hardly been a daydream this past year or so.

I’ve been incredibly busy (and lucky) shooting some pretty damn awesome properties in and around Lot-et-Garonne, Tarn and Gers departments.

Working with Ma Maison Immobilier, Condom, my travels have seen me photographing chateaux and stunning character properties all over the region.

Nothing beats driving through the lush Gascogne countryside and arriving at a beautiful secluded dwelling to then spend a day discovering the grounds and the intricacies of the buildings and outhouses. Photographing the whole place in order to best help the estate agents attract a buyer.

With my trusty Nikon gear, the huge D850 and the wee D3400 with magnificent prime Nikkor / Nikon lenses, jumping around these  remarkable sites feels more like a hobby than a job!  


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