Stills, on a wall, in a gallery….

So happy to announce that I have my first ever exhibition hanging in France.

My show: CHUTES! is available to see at La Manufacture Général in the city of Agen, not far from where we live in Nérac.

CHUTES! is a series of 8 photographs, shot over the month of June 2017, with people who have played an important part in my relocation and integration to my (our) new life in France.

Since working with contemporary dancers in the 90s in Edinburgh, I have had a fascination with capturing that split second of beauty, often in the air, sometimes odd looking even but mainly beautiful.

I chose to photograph these 8 figures in flight or in a state of falling/transition and off the ground. A small trampoline was acquired and with my trusty Bowens strobe kit & beauty dish, I got busy.

Although the shots all appear quite serious in tone, we all had a fantastic laugh on these shoots. There’s nothing better for me than undertaking projects like this and revelling in the outcomes. Non pretentious and real.

A huge heartfelt thank you to all involved and to those whom I will persuade to add to this ongoing project.

This exhibition marks an important moment for me, to show here in a publicly accessible gallery space and to be welcomed to the arts community is a great honour and a privilege. 


About the gallery

La Manufacture Général in Agen is a gallery space and an design bureau. They create websites, mobile applications, communication materials. They are excellent designers and developers.

I visited the place for a vernissage (private view) back in September and got talking to Ludovic & Pierre-Emmanuel. Soon after this I was invited to show in their space. Located on a busy street in Agen, this lovely space welcomes many visitors on a daily basis.

Thanks for the opportunity.



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