The Name-Drop Diaries #04

Back in April 2012, while working with The Proclaimers on promoting their new album ‘Like Comedy’, Matt Lucas got in touch to express his interest in maybe directing a pop video for the next single. Obviously we were all very excited at the prospect of this collaboration and were ecstatic when we received the treatment from Matt only a few days later.

As you’ll see from the video, he actually persuaded Craig & Charlie to dress up as old ladies and play a part in the story.

I shot footage of the lads performing the song in Colorsound Studios in Edinburgh which we then played back on the TV in the video and on the day of the shoot I was Matt’s assistant of sorts and stills photographer for the day.

“Where’s Colin, get Colin” was heard a few times throughout the day and alongside the band’s awesome manager, the outstanding film crew, notably Rick and Frances on cameras with Fiona producing, we had a pretty exceptional day culminating in the final shot where Matt appears as the Glaswegian policeman to arrest said rowdy old ladies.

From the YouTube description :
Craig commented, “It was a unique experience. Matt has great ideas and I think the video really compliments the song.” Charlie said, “We had a great time doing the video. Matt was a brilliant director and kept everything focussed and hilarious alongside a great cast and crew.