Colin designed and released The Proclaimers Lyrics book in print, on Kindle, Apple and Kobo.

Self Publishing Assistance & Services from Colin Usher

Is this you?

I am about to self publish my debut novel…

I have completed my book and want to self publish but I am not tech savvy, I just want my masterpiece out there for sale.

Colin can take you from manuscript to sales in a matter of days.

From designing the book cover for you to assisting in the set up of Amazon KDP, Apple Books, Kobo & Nook.

He can help you set up BookFunnel free download & email capture platform for distributing a Free ‘reader magnet’ and promo copies of the publications. 

Working with you to format the book for delivery to both digital and paperback version, assisting you with marketing your publications online via the sociables and guiding you on getting the best out of Amazon Select etc…

Self Publishing Help & Services

Book Publishing
Digital ebook

Cover design
Vellum formatting
Amazon KDP
Other retailers (Apple, Kobo, …)
Paperback PoD
Hardback PoD


Book Marketing
Reader magnet website (IONOS, WordPress, MailerLite, Bookfunnel, Draft2digital)

Amazon Select
Socials (FB, Twitter)


Reader Communications
Socials setup for author

Manage the Socials – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, …
Manage Emails

Contact Colin



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Case Study

Author Ron E. Fox


Debut Novel & Prequel teaser publication

Assisted with the set up of Amazon KDP
(Kindle Direct Publishing)
Photographed & Designed the covers
Assembled the book for ePub & Paperback uploaded and launched at Amazon.

Set up BookFunnel free download & email capture platform and ‘reader magnet’ for distributing the Free prequel. 

Ongoing support with all platforms and sociables marketing.