Colin Usher - Drone Pilot - Filming private events from above

Colin specialises in capturing events from above, alongside and from afar via drone cameras.


From weddings to private parties in chateaux, selling property, creative projects and promotional footage, Colin can fly, shoot, edit and distribute stunning footage shot on his drones.

Nic & Abbey’s Wedding
Shot at the church in Pujols and Chateau Rigaud, near Bordeaux.

On this occasion, Nic & Abbey asked if Colin could cover as many of the prominent outdoor happenings on their big day as was possible.

Shot on the day of the event, the footage can be edited into a bespoke and unique clip covering prominent moments at the event. The footage can also be supplied to be edited into an existing film crew’s footage to enhance the end film.


Weddings, Special Birthday Celebrations, Family Gatherings.

Colin was recently booked to take stills over an afternoon of a 40th birthday party north of Bordeaux.

He also shot footage using a Mavic Pro DJI drone to gather extra content for one of the guests who asked if he could help.

See the clip to the left for a sample of the results from that lovely day.

Showcasing homes for estate agents

Colin has shot many homes in the Gers & Lot et Garonne departments in South West France

Promoting property

Whether selling your home privately or via an estate agent/immobilier, an Aerial fly-over or fly-around can provide a fantastic extra incentive for a buyer to book that appointment to view.

Have a look at a few Colin shot this year.

Promotional material for websites & video channels

Enhance your website with stunning areal footage showcasing your business and location

Kate Hill’s Kitchen at Camont

Kate Hill asked Colin to shoot an intro movie for her new website in the summer of 2017.

The majority of the clips were shot on drone and edited with clips shot on DSLR on a slider.

Family Portraits using drones

Being a renowned portrait photographer, Colin has been getting playful with the different perspectives you can achieve with a drone.

The Pollards came to visit

Family friends came to visit us here in Nérac all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland.

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to shoot a wee drone portrait.

Or even a simple roof survey

The costs of rigging up a scaffold to perform a basic roof survey can be expensive or prohibitive

Quick and easy roof inspections

Colin has performed many roof inspections where the main goal is to detect or see where any problems may be arising before the devis / quote is prepared to undertake the work.

Creative endeavors

Using a drone to film creative concepts and final pieces

A dance study at Studio Faire

A work in progress by dancer & choreographer Robin Gee.

Shot and edited by Colin Usher

All detail & imagery is copyright © Colin Usher.
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